Call for Proposals: Research and Innovation Grants in Engineering - 2022/2023

Engineering and Innovation are important pillars in the development of any society. For Kenya to industrialise and improve the wellbeing of her people, increasing investment in research and development within Engineering is a must. This call seeks to fund research in engineering with great potential for impact in Kenya.
We seek to fund projects that will support or lead to the establishment of vibrant multidisciplinary research groups in engineering disciplines including but not limited to Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering as applied to three focus areas described in the next year.

Research and Innovation Grant: Areas of Focus
The areas of focus for this round of research and innovation grants:

  1. Device Development for Climate Resilient Agriculture (DDA) 
  2. Device Development for Improved Healthcare Provision (DDH)
  3. Device Development for Environmental Monitoring (DDE)

Applicants must

  1. Have a PhD in one of the engineering disciplines received within the last 10 years.
  2. Have an existing research team or show proof of the ability to establish a research team at their university. This team must include full-time postgraduate students.
  3. Be based at an accredited engineering program at a Kenyan university with active postgraduate programs.
  4. Show a track record of postgraduate student supervision.
  5. Have published work in peer reviewed journals and conferences indexed in Scopus or Web of Science in the past 12 months.
  6. Obtain written approval from the Head of Department and Dean/Director of respective school of engineering.

Proposal submission
Proposals with all supporting documentation should be sent via email to  on or before March 4, 2022, 11.00 PM East African time

Enquiries and applicant support
All enquiries and requests for further information related to this call should be addressed to .