Welcome to KENET

Kenya Education Network (KENET) is a National Research and Education Network that promotes the use of ICT in Teaching, Learning and Research in Higher Education Institutions in Kenya. KENET aims to interconnect all the Universities, Tertiary and Research Institutions in Kenya by setting up a cost effective and sustainable private network with high speed access to the global Internet. KENET also facilitates electronic communication among students and faculties in member institutions, share learning and teaching resources by collaboration in Research and Development of Educational content.

E-readiness 2013 Survey of Kenyan Universities Executive Summary

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IBM Corporate Service Corps A 5 Th Year Anniversary


New Year, New Gifts! Switch Donations

KENET has donated 24 HP switches as New Year gifts to 13 KENET member institutions, based on their network and bandwidth requirements. The collection of the switches is on-going at the KENET offices.  

Our partners at the University of Oregon’s Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC) gave the switches to KENET. The NSRCs mandate is to provide technical assistance to organizations setting up computer networks in developing areas for collaborative research, education, and international partnerships.


KENET School Connectivity Project

The mission of KENET is to be a catalyst in the transformation of education using ICT. Since KENET Trust was constituted in 1999, it has focused on promotion of ICT usage in higher education institution. As of September 30, 2014, KENET had connected 152 campuses of universities and higher education institutions in different parts of the countries (see KENET coverage map at http://www.kenet.or.ke). However, the original vision of KENET was to use higher education institutions nodes to connect neighbouring schools both primary and secondary schools.

BERNet Team Visit KENET

In their effort to set up their National Research and Education Network (NREN) in Burundi, the Burundi Education and Research Network (BERNet) team planned to visit some NRENs in the East Africa Community to learn from their experience. To that end on 15th October 2014, KENET has the pleasure of hosting the BERNet team. The team were represented by Mr. Pierre Ndamama the Executive Secretary of Secretariat for Information and Communication Technologies (SETIC), and Prof. Grégoire Njejimana BERNet Project Manager.