Remote Teaching Transforms Learning at Catholic University

June marked the final phase of the  Remote Teaching Pilot Project at Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA). The project, which was piloted at CUEA and Daystar Univ...

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Bridging a 40-kilometer gap with Remote Teaching: The Case of Daystar University

Almost a year into the KENET Remote teaching project, learning has been recorded to have been efficient at Daystar Universities- with the Main Campus located in Athi River and the satellite Campus in Valley Road, Nairobi. From saving a st...

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Teaching on the KENET Remote teaching project starts

KENET is pleased that two of the three universities participating in the remote teaching project have already started teaching using the equipment provided. Web conference equipment was installed at all the sites including Daystar Athi river, Daystar town, CUEA langata, CUEA gaba, University of Nairobi...

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Remote Teaching Project Design

KENET has setup remote teaching classrooms at each of the campuses of the participating Universities using the  KENET web conferencing system. The KENET Web Conference system is an online service for organizing collaborative activities such as webinars, webcasts and meetings. The system can also be extended to teaching t...

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Remote Teaching Project Activities

All the proposal written to the vice chancellors of the three participating universities namely university of Nairobi, Daystar university and Catholic University of East Africa were accepted. The following are the agreed project activities:-