Remote Teaching Project Activities

All the proposal written to the vice chancellors of the three participating universities namely university of Nairobi, Daystar university and Catholic University of East Africa were accepted. The following are the agreed project activities:-

  1. Allocate, furnish and maintain two classrooms to be equipped with Web conferencing remote teaching facilities.
  2. Appoint the faculty members who will participate in the project for at least two full semesters. The participating universities shall also appoint anchor technical support staff to support the remote campuses
  3. Fully equip remote classrooms with Web conferencing facilities for remote teaching.
  4. Maintain the security of the classrooms and all the equipment that KENET shall install.
  5. Provide capacity building for faculty and technical support staff participating in the remote teaching pilot study.
  6. KENET to provide technical support for at least one semester.
  7. Collect data on learning outcomes and the experience of the students and faculty participating in the remote teaching pilot study over a period of at least two semesters. The data collection instruments shall be jointly developed by the participating faculty members and members of the KENET Special Interest Group on Educational Technology. The data collected shall be shared openly with KENET
  8. Prepare a detailed internal report that shall include detailed cost-benefit analysis of the remote teaching pilot study at universities over a period of at least two semesters for at least two courses, with specific recommendation for senior leadership of the universities on the outcome of the pilot study in educational and commercial terms.
  9. Publish at least one paper in collaboration with faculty in an indexed journal or conference proceedings