KENET Membership

Membership Categories

KENET membership is governed by theTrust Deed and Supplemental Trust Deeds and consists of two main categories of members:

  • Full members include all universities and university colleges, research institutes, tertiary technical colleges, public or university libraries, and teacher training institutions among other educational institutions
  • Affiliate members include university or schools or ICT regulatory bodies, school associations or networks, professional associations, development partners, hospitals and nursing schools affiliated with university medical schools and other bodies associated with education and research in Kenya as may be determined appropriate by the Board of Trustees.

Membership Charter

The KENET Membership Charter was launched in December 2019 in order to strengthen the KENET Community and enhance awareness of the various services and benefits accrued from the membership. The Charter sets out the corresponding roles and responsibilities between KENET and its members, and defines  standards, policies and procedures to;

  1. Delivery member-focussed outcomes in a robust, structured and ‘future-proof’ manner
  2. Address members’ expectations
  3. Clarify Members’ roles and responsibilities

Benefits of Being a KENET Member

  1. Affordable and Reliable Internet
  2. ICT Technical Support and Responsiveness (Fast resolution of problems)
  3. Vehicle for attracting ICT infrastructure funding for higher education
  4. University Community
  5. Research and Education Collaboration
  6. Research Infrastructure and Services
  7. Capacity Building and Direct Engineering Support (e.g.) Advisory services
  8. Benefit from Value Added Services such as: -
  • Domain Registration and Hosting

KENET registers, renews and hosts domains on behalf of its members. This is a non-chargeable service for the first domain registered and a standard charge for any subsequent domain names. KENET registers the following domains, and

  • Mail filtering

KENET offers its members a secure utility to protect their email boxes from spamming

  • Bandwidth monitoring and optimization

KENET provides bandwidth graphing services for its connected members. Members will be given access to the graphs that show much bandwidth the member is currently consuming and the protocols on the link. This assists the member in reporting and planning activities.

  • Video and Web Conferencing

This is an online service for organizing collaborative activities such as webinars, webcasts and meetings. It can also be extended to teaching through the setup of appropriate audio-visual infrastructure. The KENET video and web conferencing platform has the capability for sharing presentations, voice and video chat simultaneously across geographically dispersed locations.

  • IP Address Assignment and Management

KENET  manages  IP  addressing  space  (IPv4  and  IPv6  addresses)  on  behalf  of  its  member  institutions connected to the KENET network. Each member is assigned a /24 IPv4 range of IP address

Process of Joining as Members

Institutions interested in being members of KENET should fill the membership forms provided.

          -Application forms for Full KENET membership (Universities, Colleges and TVETs) can be downloaded here 

          -Application forms for KENET Affiliate membership can be downloaded here

          -Application forms for Government and Research institutions membership can be downloaded here

Academic or Research Institutions applying for membership must submit necessary legal documents such as certificate of incorporation, Interim Letter or Charter issued by Commission for University Education or letter of recognition Ministry of Education

Duly filled application forms should be signed and emailed to or delivered to the KENET Secretariat Offices