The Kenya Education Network Trust (KENET) was formed in 1999 as a membership organization  to serve higher education and research institutions in Kenya. KENET is designated as the national research and education network (NREN) by the government of Kenya. The Kenya Education Network Trust deed was constituted on November 9th 2000 between founder universities (University of Nairobi, Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology, Moi University, United States International University, and Daystar University) and Trustees (representatives of the founder universities). The founder trustees were; Prof. Francis John Gichaga (UoN), Dr. Freida Brown (USIU), Prof. Ratemo Waya Micheka (JKUAT), Prof. Raphel Muatine Munavu (Moi University), and Prof. Stephen Talitwala (Daystar University). Since the year 2000, KENET has been governed by the 2000 Trust Deed.

2000 Trust Deed

Registered as a Trust under the Perpetual Succession Act KENET's beneficiaries include students, faculty, and staff of member institutions. KENET has a board of trustees; who are assisted by a management board; representing founder universities and research institutions in Kenya. Its day to day operations are run by an ​executive director.

In the 2013 Annual Heads of Institutions Forum held at the Serena Hotel Mombasa, there was a proposal to increase the number of institutions represented in the KENET governance structure. Any change to the Trust Deed is done through a Supplemental Trust Deed. The First Supplemental Trust was registered with the Government of Kenya in November 2013 and captured all the changes made to the Trust since the year 2000 by the five Trustees nominated by the Founder institutions.

First Supplemental Trust Deed 2013