Latest on KENET Capacity Building

Capacity Building at Kenya Wildlife Service Training Institute

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) is one of the most important public institutions in Kenya. One of the apparent reasons is because the wildlife-oriented tourism sector is among the top contributors to the Country’s GDP. Cognizant of this, the Kenya Wildlife Training Institute (KWSTI) provides special training in Natural Resource Management and Tourism Development.

Faculty Workshop Held On Use Of KENET Virtual Training Lab

Faculty who teach ICT Networking courses benefited from a 3 day workshop hosted by KENET. The workshop which ran from September 18-20, 2017 gave the 25 participants an opportunity to use the KENET virtual  training lab for the first time. The training which was fully funded by KENET strengthened the faculty’s technical capacity so that their students can be more productive.

Scalable Campus Network Training, April 3-7, 2017

KENET concluded the Scalable Campus Training that was conducted from April 3-7 2017 at the KENET training center located at University of Nairobi. The training had 21 participants from 19 member organisations. The training was conducted by KENET senior Systems and Network Engineers and covered topics including Campus Network Design principles and best practices, Switching Architectures (STP), VLANs, IP routing and Campus Network Monitoring.The participants were able to configure the KENET training lab that has actual switches, routers and servers.