KENET Online Advanced cybersecurity Course

The advanced cybersecurity goes beyond the topics covered in entry-level cybersecurity awareness. This course is designed to provide advanced knowledge and skills to help keep computer systems safe from data breaches and cyberattacks.

You will learn about the Linux command line, Firewall and VPNs, Web CMS and Server Hardening, Passwords and Authentication Methods, Email Server Basics and Hardening, Wireless and Wi-Fi Security, Network Security Architecture and Isolation, Cryptojacking. The detailed course outline can be downloaded here: course outline

The course is hands on and requires participants to be conversant with Unix/Linux environments. The course has hands on labs of which the participants undertake on the KENET virtual server lab .

Course prerequisites:

  • Laptop

  • Stable internet connection 

  • Completed KENET Cybersecurity awareness course

  • Completed ISOC Introduction to Network Operations course or prior knowledge of Unix/Linux

  • Medium to good knowledge of the UNIX/Linux command line environment

  • Basic knowledge of TCP/IP networking

Upon completion, you will have a general understanding of some of the key security concepts needed to take your career and skills to the next level. KENET certificate will be offered upon achieving >70 on the final exam and demonstration of skills in the hands-on labs.

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