Latest on KENET Capacity Building

2016 Training Calendar for the KENET Member Institutions

The KENET 2016 training calendar is out. This year, KENET plans to hold two (2) residential courses for the purpose of strengthening our member institutions technical capacity in both academic and research areas. The calendar and full details of the planned courses can be downloaded from the KENET website or by clicking on the link (


UbuntuNetConnect 2015: BGP Workshop

KENET participated in the UbuntuNetConnect 2015: BGP Workshop that was held in Maputo, Mozambique from November 15-18,2015.The workshop focused on imparting skills on the configuration and operation of National Research and Education Networks. This was an advanced course and all participants were expected to have experience and knowledge in routing. The workshop was organised by NSRC and Africa Connect who are KENET partners.

Training Partners

KENET has been able to establish partnerships that have ensured effective and successful running of trainings for members
1. Network Startup Resource Center, NSRC ( been one of the long standing KENET partners who have donated equipment valued at over $100,000 to setup a training lab that includes network switches, routers and a virtualization server. NSRC also donates some of its highly trained and experienced trainers to come assist with running some of the training programmes.