Access to Advanced Research e-infrastructures Through KENET

KENET has setup a gateway to the advanced e-infrastructures for research that are available exclusively within the Research and Education Community anywhere in the world. Kenyan researchers can now access the Africa Grid Science Gateway, a Web 2.0 portal that gives researchers access to advanced applications for Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Big Data research.

In order to access the Africa Grid Science Gateway as well as other  Virtual Research Communities, a researcher in Kenya would need to be authenticated. KENET has setup an identity Provider .The researcher must be physically identified by KENET before being entered into the database used for authentication and authorization.The KENET Identity Provider has an official certificate and is recognized by the other Grid providers including the Africa Grid Science Gateway.

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This KENET members service  is ideal for those pursuing doctoral degrees in quantitative areas (Physics, engineering, statistics, computer science, economics etc.)

A university that needs a certificate in order to offer e-infrastructures, databases and open access repositories for sharing by the Kenyan or global community, can request for certificates from KENET. For the next one year, researchers and ICT directors who need official certificates can get a FREE CoMoDo certificate through KENET valid for one year. This can protect your e-mail, web servers and ERP servers that provide online services (these official wildcard certificates for one domain cost about $400 per year).