KENET Makes Available Domain Registration Portal for Members

Member Institutions can now register their domain name directly through the KENET portal. On February 22, 2018, KENET launched the DOT KE (.ke) domain registration portal. Any member of the KENET community can register and pay online for any DOT KE domains of their choice including the newly launched second level DOT KE domains (e.g. This include students who can register domains of their student clubs, researchers, faculty or staff who can register domains of their professional associations or research projects. In addition, staff or students who serve as board members of a school in Kenya could register.  It is also possible to register a domain for your family or clan.

KENET is a licensed sub-domain registrar and registers or renews subscriptions on behalf of all members, as well as maintain the domain records. Hence, the process of registering a domain name is very easy and efficient using the KENET domain registration portal.

Why Should I register the .KE Domain?

A domain name is the name used to uniquely identify your institution within the Internet, as well as a named link for publishing digital resources. It serves as your identifier in the Internet and indicate ownership and control of a resource. The second level .ke domain was rolled out last year and anyone operating a business, institution in Kenya is advised to register for the .ke domain.

  • Security: .KE registration offers an opportunity to identify your site and prevent another individual or company to register a similar domain name as that of your institution to misuse it for cybersquatting, or for their personal gain.
  • Exclusivity: Your domain name retains exclusivity and avoids cases of domain hacking or theft of Intellectual property rights as someone else can register a similar domain name to that of yours, redirecting/ confusing people to their site instead of yours
  • Reliability: Registering for the .ke domain makes your Institution’s name easily remembered
  • Affordability: Registering your domain will make your institution be identifiable in the Internet, increasing your chances visibility thus cutting advertising costs. Many site engines detect sites with their own domain names. In the long run, not registering your domain name might cause you to pay for it an exorbitant fee in future for a defense registration
  • Trust: Having the .ke domain will foster trust and confidence with the locals (in this case Kenya) as it has a distinct association to the Country
  • Added Advantages: Members who register for the .ke domain through the KENET portal will have their website hosted free of charge!


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