IBM Cloud Lab

  • Posted on: 25 September 2017
  • By: admin

As part of the IBM Africa Skills Academy Program, the IBM Cloud Lab hosted by KENET supports IBM's premier training and certification initiative for academia in Kenya. The program provides unique academic roadmaps for faculty members and students preparing them to succeed in demanding positions unique to the market. The program provides a world class training experience, leverage of IBM official courses, IBM official instructors and hands-on laboratories in multiple languages.

KENET member institutions benefit from the adoption of a cloud-enabled learning environment hosted and maintained by KENET. This platform contains a series of IBM official training courses that accelerate the adoption of the latest technology in the curriculum. This means students work on real-life industry scenarios to develop critical thinking skills. Students also benefit through anytime-anywhere approach as well as engaged in hands-on training exercises from any location on campus or off campus.

Some of the courses conducted on the platform include:
1.    Mobile Application Developer
2.    Business Intelligence Analytics
3.    Application Security
4.    Big Data