KENET Data Centre Services

KENET has two operational data centres that offer its members the following services;

i. Co-location Services- This involves the member bringing their servers to be hosted at the KENET data centres. Our data centres are served with backup generators, dual uninterrupted power supply systems which ensure that power supply doesn't fail. The data centres are also equipped with a redundant adequate air conditioning system. 

ii. Virtualization Services- This involves members renting space on KENET servers through virtualization. This gives the members the advantage of customizing the server specifications to their needs.

The private servers help member institutions to make a gradual tarnsition from an on-campus hosting plan to managing a cloud-based virtual server autonomously without the need to upgrade the on-campus infrastructure. The virtual server can be used to host among others:

          1.Learning Manangement Systems (eg Moodle)

          2. Institutional Repository Systems (eg. DSpace)

          3. Intergrated Repository Systems (eg. KOHA)

          4. Student Repository Systems

This service allows a member instituion to manage its own services as well as installation of the operating system of choice and other custom applications. The virtual servers can be scaled on demand to meet the ongoing needs of the instituion without the need of re-installation. This service is hosted within Kenya and has a high uptime guarantee of over 99.5%.

iii. Server Leasing Services- This involves the members leasing high-end servers from KENET.