KENET holds the ICT Directors Forum for Universities, Research Institutes and Teaching Hospitals

  • Posted on: 17 May 2023
  • By: KENET

The Annual ICT Directors Forum for Universities, Research Institutes and Teaching Hospitals was held in Naivasha on April 27-28, 2023. The One and half-day-in-person event was attended by ICT Directors from Universities, Research Institutions and Teaching Hospitals or their representatives with over 93 participants. Invited guests, KENET Management Board and staff were also in attendance. The theme for the forum was, "Financing Digital Transformation and Digital Campus Infrastructure in Member Institutions".

Speaking at the forum, Prof FCPA Kinandu Muragu, Development Impact Consultants, made a presentation on "Preparing and presenting digital transformation and digital inclusion budgets" The presentation focused on the Evolving Trends in Thinking IT Budgets, The Digital Campus, Budgeting for Innovation and Evolution and The Social Investment Component of IT.

"A Digital Campus initative seeks to create an open, connected, adaptable and sustainable campus to enhance learning, research and operational efficiency. KENET estimates the requirements of modern digital campus within its member institutions is upward to us US $500 Million (KES 60 Billion) in the next five years", said Prof. Kinandu. Dr. Mwirigi Kiula (KUTTRH) noted that he is a firm believer that resources follow function. 

Member institutions highlighted how transformative KENET has been in the develoment of Digital Campus Teaching, Learning and Research Environments. Speaking during the plenary discussion, Mr Nelson Rono, Deputy Director KMTC, emphasized the role of KENET in their digital transformation journey.

"KENET has aided us in the digital transformation journey moving from the physical teaching methodology by interconnecting all the 73 KMTC campuses countrywide. We are currently establishing simulation labs for students to enhance learning and they are also implementing e-library to enable students to borrow books online from where across the country" said Mr Rono.

Prioritization of the upgrade of campus ICT infrastructure, payments in installments, recruitment of skilled personnel, outsourcing of redundant services and automation of processes were among the keyways on implementation of campus wifi at institutions. 

Prof Timothy Waema, Founding Director, UON made a presenation on IT Strategy Development and Business Value highlighting the importance of developing and aligning the IT strategy to the Business strategy. 

"The IT startegy should relate to the objectives the business in pursuing and opportunities in technology developments and take advantage of opportunities in the IT and market environments to create improved value," highlighted Prof. Waema. 

Some of the top ten (10) ICT issues highlighted were Information security systems for business continuity, Cybersecurity awareness and maturity, ERP deployment and Financing expansion/upgrade of digital campus infrastructure among others.