Core values

In order to achieve the vision and mission, we are guided by the following core values:

  1. Partnerships and collaborations. We shall nurture partnerships and collaborations of value to our members.
  2. Open access. We shall be guided by the principles of open access in the products and services we provide or promote.
  3. Diversity. We shall promote gender, ethnic and university diversity in the recruitment of employees, capacity development and governance.
  4. Sustainability and competitiveness. We shall endeavor to be sustainable and competitive in the products and services we offer.
  5. Integrity and ethics. We embrace professionalism in our work and relationships and foster transparent and participative decision-making, accountability for decisions and ethical behavior.
  6. Customer delight. We shall at all times strive to delight our customers.
  7. Innovation. We shall promote member collaborations and provide value-adding services driven by continuous innovation on technology and partnership.