Three Things to Know About Broadband Connectivity

  • Posted on: 20 April 2015
  • By: director
There are THREE things we would like you to know about broadband connectivity to your campuses:
1. The automation of your institutional administrative information systems (e.g., financial information systems, student portals etc), means that you need to setup an offsite disaster recovery site to mitigate risk of information loss. A broadband connection of up to 1 Gb/s is required between the primary site on your main campus and the off-site backup site. The off-site backup site could be established at one of four locations: 
a. Satellite campus of your organization or university
b. KENET data centre or 
c. Data center of another member institution trusted by your organization
d. Commercial Open Access Data Center
2. Broadband connectivity is necessary for access to off-campus multimedia educational content hosted locally within KENET network, in data centers in Kenya, or outside the country (sometimes called the global Cloud). Students who own laptops and smartphones are accessing the educational content available while on-campus or off-campus. The content is available from your learning management systems, YouTube for Education, Khan Academy and other Open educational sources hosted in one of the following locations:
a. Server room or data center of your campus
b. Server rooms or data centers of other member institutions 
c. KENET data center in Nairobi
d. Data centers in Kenya or 
e. Global data centers outside the country (e.g., in Europe or North America)
3. Broadband connectivity to KENET network or between campuses of KENET member institutions is NOT equal to your International Internet bandwidth commitment! For example, 35 member institution campuses have a 1 Gb/s (1000 Mb/s) connection over fiber to KENET or to other campuses but their International Internet bandwidth commitments are on average less than 100 Mb/s per campus. 
Three things to know about Broadband Connectivity by Prof. Meoli Kashorda, available under the Creative Commons License. Copyright © 2015 Prof. Meoli Kashorda.