ICT Directors 2015 Presentations

On April 10th 2015, Kenya Education Network (KENET) held the first Universities and University Colleges ICT Directors forum at the Intercontinental Hotel, Nairobi. The theme of the forum was “Measuring and Communicating ICT Value to Senior Leadership”. Below are the presentations given during the forum:- 

1. Capacity Building of KENET Member Institutions presented by Kennedy Aseda and Luke Matere

2. Business Continuity and Capacity Building presented by Phil Regnauld

3. Challenges of Recruiting and Retaining Senior ICT Staff presented by Dr. S.M. Mbuguah - Kibabii University College

4. Communicating Value of ICT Using E-Readiness Indicators and Portal presented by  Prof. Meoli Kashorda

5. KENET Customer Satisfaction Survey presented by Kennedy Aseda

6. Advanced research Infrastructures and the KENET Cert presented by Ronald Osure

7. Online Training Opportunities for African  NOGs and NRENS presented by Kevin Chege - ISOC

8. KENET Community Cloud Services presented by Luke Matere

9. ERP Implementation at University of Eldoret: Benefits  and Challenges to the University presented by Nicholas W. Makau - University of Eldoret

10. ERPs in use in Kenyan Universities/Research Institutions presented by George Omuono - Maseno University

11. Web-hosting and Cyber-Security Challenges presented by Peter Muia