KENET Presents Certification Authority Paper at the IEEE Africon Conference, 2017

KENET was among the participants of the 13th edition of IEEE’s flagship Conference in Africa, IEEE Africon. The conference took place from 18-20 September 2017 in Cape Town, South Africa. KENET was represented by the Executive Director, Prof. Meoli Kashorda and Mr. Ronald Osure (Senior Applications Developer) who presented a paper on the KENET Certification Authority.

How the KENET Travel Grant Landed Me in South Africa at the IEEE Africon Conference 2017

Isaac Nyabisa outside the conference venue

By Isaac Nyabisa Oteyo

When I landed in Cape Town, South Africa for the IEEE Africon 2017, I was beyond excited. Surrounded by Cape Town’s modern skyscrapers and seeing cable cars dangling precariously in the backdrop of the Table Mountains made it all so surreal. Although the picturesque scene of the Rainbow Nation bedazzled me, the fact that I was not only attending the prestigious Conference, but presenting a paper marked the highlight of my visit, and I thank the Kenya Education Network (KENET) for leading me here.

Faculty Workshop Held On Use Of KENET Virtual Training Lab

Faculty who teach ICT Networking courses benefited from a 3 day workshop hosted by KENET. The workshop which ran from September 18-20, 2017 gave the 25 participants an opportunity to use the KENET virtual  training lab for the first time. The training which was fully funded by KENET strengthened the faculty’s technical capacity so that their students can be more productive.